SemEval - International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

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SemEval - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [02.06.2020] SemEval (Semantic Evaluation) is an ongoing series of evaluations of computational semantic analysis systems; it evolved from the Senseval word sense evaluation series. The evaluations are intended to explore the nature of meaning in language. While meaning is intuitive to humans, transferring those intuitions to computational analysis has proved elusive.

This series of evaluations is providing a mechanism to characterize in more precise terms exactly what is necessary to compute in meaning. As such, the evaluations provide an emergent mechanism to identify the problems and solutions for computations with meaning. These exercises have evolved to articulate more of the dimensions that are involved in our use of language. They began with apparently simple attempts to identify word senses computationally. They have evolved to investigate the interrelationships among the elements in a sentence (e.g., semantic role labeling), relations between sentences (e.g., coreference), and the nature of what we are saying (semantic relations and sentiment analysis).


  • Senseval-1 1998 @ Sussex
  • Senseval-2 2001 @ Toulouse
  • Senseval-3 2004 @ Barcelona
  • SemEval-2007 2007 @ Prague
  • SemEval-2010 2010 @ Uppsala
  • SemEval-2012 2012 @ Montreal
  • SemEval-2013 2013 @ Atlanta
  • SemEval-2014 2014 @ Dublin
  • SemEval-2015 2015 @ Denver
  • SemEval-2016 2016 @ San Diego
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