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                   ASME/IEEE MESA 2011 Call for Papers

             The 7th ASME/IEEE International Conference on 
         Mechatronics & Embedded Systems & Applications (MESA 2011)
           Co-sponsored by ASME DED, IEEE ITSS and IEEE CSS
                 August 28-31, 2011, Washington, DC, USA

Mechanical and electrical systems show an increasing integration of mechanics with electronics and information processing. This integration is between the components (hardware) and the information-driven functions (software), resulting in integrated systems called mechatronic systems. The development of mechatronic systems involves finding an optimal balance between the basic mechanical structure, sensor and actuators, automatic digital information processing and control in which embedded systems play a key role. The goal of the 7th ASME/IEEE MESA11, is to bring together experts from the fields of mechatronic and embedded systems, disseminate the recent advances made in the area, discuss future research directions, and exchange application experience. The conference is organized in a number of symposia under the umbrella of the ASME IDETC 2011 (

Call for Papers

The MESA program committee invites technical papers that will undergo the standard ASME and IEEE peer review process and will appear in a conference proceedings and in the ASME digital library.

The following symposia will address various topics of relevance to the conference:

  • Autonomous Systems & Ambient Intelligence
  • Bio-Mechatronics
  • Cyber-Physical & Cooperative Systems
  • Diagnosis & Monitoring in Mechatronic Systems
  • Design & Verification Tools for Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Systems Infrastructure & Theory
  • Fractional Derivates and their Applications
  • Mechatronic & Embedded Energy Systems
  • Mechatronic & Embedded Systems Applications
  • Mechatronics & Embedded Systems Education
  • Mechatronic Control & Electrical Vehicular Systems
  • Robotics & Mobile Machines
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Sensor Networks & Networked Embedded Systems
  • Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies and Applications
  • Virtual Prototyping in Mechatronics

Important Dates:

Submission of Abstract 11-02-2011 Submission of Full-Length Paper 18-02-2011 Author Notification of Acceptance 20-05-2011 Submission of Copyright Form 27-05-2011 Submission of Final Paper 30-05-2011

Manuscripts shall be no longer than 10 pages and shall adhere to the ASME author guidelines. Word and LATEX templates are available from ASME to assist authors in preparing their papers for publication. Final papers in PDF format must be electronically submitted to:

For more information and complete instructions for submission of manuscripts, go the conference web site:

Conference Topics

Autonomous Systems & Ambient Intelligence

  • Autonomous Navigation and Control
  • Robot Intelligence
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Teleoperation & Coordination
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Indoor Localization
  • Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Biomechatronics Design, Biomedical Robotics, Robotics for Medical
  • Rehabilitation Robotics, Robotics for Stroke Patients and Wearable
 Medical Devices, Assistive Technology for Injured, Elderly and 
  • Microelectronics, Health Monitoring Devices, Embedded Signal
 Processing, Low-power Design
  • Bioelectromagnetism, Electrical Bioimpedance, Implantable Electronics
  • Biorobotics, Biomaterials, Biosensors & MEMS, Biomechanical Devices
  • New Materials, New Sensing and Actuation Technology for Biomechatronic
  • Medical Imaging and Visualization, Simulation and Navigation, Virtual
 Reality, Intuitive Command and Control Systems, Haptics and Sensor 
  • Biomechatronic System Modeling, Simulation of Bio-Systems, System
  • Biomechanics Study and Modeling
  • Interaction between Devices and Humans, Adaptive Control Methods

Cyber-Physical & Cooperative Systems

  • Human-centric Cyber Physical Systems
  • Enabling embedded components in Cyber Physical Systems
  • New mission scenarios of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Cooperative Sensing policy in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Cooperative Actuation policy in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Information sharing and agreement in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Virtualization and virtual organization in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Complexity measures for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Random delay effects in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Communication management in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Mobility (mobile sensors and actuators) in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Multi-scale analysis of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Scale-free network structure of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Medical Cyber Physical Systems

Diagnosis & Monitoring in Mechatronic Systems

  • Survey of recent development of fault diagnosis and monitoring in
 mechatronic systems
  • Modeling and fault diagnosis
  • New theories, methods and applications of fault diagnosis
  • Fault detection and identification
  • Fault-tolerant control, and experimental research on diagnosis and
 control for mechatronic systems 

Design & Verification Tools for Embedded Systems

  • System-level design and modeling tools
  • Design space exploration tools
  • Simulation tools and emulators
  • Model checking and equivalence checking tools
  • Compilers, assemblers, implementation and synthesis tools
  • Power analysis and optimization tools
  • Test, debug and diagnosis tools
  • Integrated design environments and tool chains
  • Hardware/software co-design and co-verification tools
  • Surveys, new methodologies and case studies related to design and
 verification tools for mechatronic & embedded systems 

Embedded Systems Infrastructure & Theory

  • Algorithms for Embedded & Mechatronic Systems
  • Models of Embedded Computation
  • Software Architectures for Embedded Systems
  • Design and Validation of Embedded Systems
  • Formal Methods & Case Studies
  • System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip Design
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design
  • Power-aware Design Issues
  • Real-time Aspects & Systems
  • Operating System & Middle-ware Support
  • Networked Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Systems Applications

Fractional Derivates and their Applications

  • mathematical modeling of fractional dynamic systems
  • analytical and numerical techniques to solve these equations
  • fractional models of viscoelastic damping
  • large scale finite element models of fractional systems and associated
 numerical schemes
  • fractional controller design and system identification
  • stability analysis of fractional systems
  • nonlinear and stochastic fractional dynamic systems
  • fractional models and their experimental verifications, and
 applications of fractional models to engineering systems in general 
 and mechatronic embedded systems in particular 

Mechatronic & Embedded Energy Systems

  • Design, analysis and modeling of energy systems
  • Engine control and optimization processes
  • Energy systems software/hardware, theory and implementations
  • Wind, solar, hydro and any other alternative form of energy systems
  • Energy savings
  • Remote stationary, off-road and other mobile applications
  • Emerging mechatronic and embedded technology for energy systems

Mechatronic & Embedded Systems Applications

  • Challenges, requirements, models, and constraints associated with
 various application domains
  • Use of mechatronic and embedded technologies in meeting particular
 system requirements, performance, scalability, reliability, and 
  • Assessments of mechatronic and embedded technologies for particular
 application domains
  • Technology transition lessons learned
  • Applications in intelligent transportation systems
  • Applications in intelligent manufacturing and automation systems
  • Applications in underwater, flying and aerospace systems
  • Applications in mobile robotics and automotive systems
  • Applications in medical systems

Mechatronics & Embedded Systems Education

  • Innovations in course, curriculum, laboratory development
  • Development of teaching tools and innovative teaching strategies
  • Integration of emerging technologies into the undergraduate and
 graduate programs
  • Experiences in e-learning and distance learning in the domains of
 mechatronic & embedded systems 

Mechatronic Control & Electrical Vehicular Systems

  • Advanced mechatronic control (software-/hardware-based)
  • Analysis, modeling and simulation of mechatronic control system
  • Nonlinearity compensation in mechatronics
  • Mechatronics in advanced manufacturing
  • Mechatronic control in electric vehicles

Robotics & Mobile Machines

  • Novel robots
  • Robots with legs and metamorphic structures
  • Reconfigurable robots
  • Biomedical devices
  • Man-machine interface and applications
  • Underwater robots and swimming robots
  • Space robots
  • Path planning and navigation
  • Mobile robots and applications

Sensors & Actuators

  • Force Sensors, Multi-axis Force & Torque Sensors
  • Smart Material Sensors and Actuators
  • MEMS Application for Sensors and Actuators
  • Biomimetic Sensor and Actuator Design
  • Robotic Applications of Sensors and Actuators
  • Optical Sensors
  • Acoustic Sensors
  • Tactile Sensors
  • RF Sensors
  • Self-sensing Actuator
  • Encoder Applications
  • Sensor Fusion

Sensor Networks & Networked Embedded Systems

  • Network architecture and protocols
  • Software platforms and development tools
  • Self-organization, scalability, and synchronization
  • Routing and data dissemination
  • Quality of service
  • Energy conservation and management
  • Data processing, storage and management
  • Mobile ad hoc networks
  • Bio-inspired sensor networks
  • Vehicle control networks
  • Sensor network applications

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies and Applications

  • Fixed-wing small UAV technologies
  • Small UAV as flying sensors and applications
  • State estimation and fault diagnosis for small UAVs
  • Multi-UAV cooperative navigation and control
  • Small UAV software architectures
  • Rotary-wing small UAV technologies
  • Low cost IMU and autopilot development
  • Vision-based navigation for small UAVs
  • Low cost UAV platforms
  • Resilient flight controls
  • Small UAV software architectures
  • Resilient flight controls
  • Fault-tolerant control
  • Airworthiness
  • Student UAV/UAS competitions

Virtual Prototyping in Mechatronics

  • Virtual Prototyping-based design methods for intelligent mechatronics
  • Immersive modeling systems for mechatronics
  • Advanced Virtual Prototyping toolkits based on mechatronics solutions
  • Virtual Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing and simulation
  • Application of VR/MR/AR in mechatronics design and development
  • Multimodal and multisensory interaction: advanced haptics, tactile,
 visual and audio displays
  • Multi-user virtual environments
  • Internet-based platforms based on AR/MR for mechatronics
  • Tools and methods for multi-disciplinary and cooperative design in
  • Advanced applications of VP tools in mechatronics
  • Virtual Prototyping technology for manufacturing plants simulation
  • Early testing and verification of mechatronics products
  • Human-computer studies and validation of interaction
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