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                          EMBEDDED SYSTEMS WEEK 2008

                                CALL FOR PAPERS

                                   C A S E S
                              C O D E S + I S S S
                                  E M S O F T

                            October 19 - 24, 2008
                            Atlanta, Georgia, USA

                                C A S E S 2008
                         International Conference on
          Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems

                           C O D E S + I S S S 2008
                         International Conference on
                Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis

                               E M S O F T 2008
                 International Conference on Embedded Software


             DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Sunday, April 7, 2008
           DEADLINE FOR FULL PAPER SUBMISSION: Sunday, April 14, 2008
           All authors must register their paper title, abstract and
            affiliation by April 7, 2008, in order to be allowed to
                    submit a full paper by April 14, 2008.
           Submissions for all three conferences will be done online
                    on the ESWEEK web site (

The Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK) 2008 is the premier scientific
event in design and implementation of embedded systems hardware,
software and tools.  ESWEEK brings together three major conferences in
the embedded systems area, namely, CASES, CODES+ISSS, and EMSOFT, as
well as other guest conferences, associated workshops, and tutorials.
ESWEEK is sponsored by the ACM and IEEE.

One registration, three conferences: registered attendees to either
CASES, CODES+ISSS, or EMSOFT will be allowed to attend sessions in the
other conference as well for free. (Guest conferences and associated
workshops may require separate registration.)

The three conferences (CASES, CODES+ISSS, EMSOFT) have independent
technical committees and technical programs, as well as separate paper
submissions and review processes. Authors are encouraged to choose where
they want to submit their papers based on the topic of the paper and
suitability to each conference. PLEASE SEE BELOW for topic information
for each conference.

Proposals for special sessions and panels are also invited. These should
be sent to the program chairs of each conference, and should succinctly
outline the topic, positioning and likely participants.

ESWEEK General Co-Chairs

    Nikil Dutt (, UC Irvine, USA
    Christoph Kirsch (, U. of Salzburg, Austria

C A S E S  2008 (

The CASES conference provides a forum for emerging technology in
embedded computing systems, with an emphasis on compilers and
architectures for embedded systems. CASES is a common forum for
researchers with an interest in embedded systems to reach across
vertically integrated communities and to promote synergies. As evident
from the past CASES meetings, several emerging applications are
critically dependent on these interactions for their sustained growth
and evolution.

IMPORTANT DATES: Please see the top of this call.

C A S E S  Areas of Interest

Previously unpublished papers containing significant novel ideas and
technical results are solicited. Conference topics include, but are
not limited to, the following areas.

  1) Nanoscale challenges and embedded computing
  2) VLSI and circuit techniques for embedded system design
  3) Design, specification, and synthesis of embedded systems
  4) Customizable processors and digital signal processors
  5) Reconfigurable embedded computing systems
  6) Novel architectures and micro-architectures for embedded systems
  7) Instruction-level parallelism for embedded, including VLIW, EPIC
     and superscalar
  8) Multicore for embedded: hardware and software issues
  9) Memory management, smart caches and compiler controlled memories
10) Low-power architectures and compilation, power vs. performance tradeoff\
11) Compilation techniques that focus on embedded architectures
12) Dynamic compilation and managed runtime environments for embedded syste\
13) Embedded system integration and testing
14) Validation, verification, and debugging techniques for embedded softwar\
15) Profiling, measurement, and analysis techniques of embedded application\
16) Application-specific and domain-specific embedded systems

Paper Submission

Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format. Submissions
should be no more than 5000 words and 18 double-spaced, single-column
pages, with 1 inch margins and 11 pt font or larger. Include a 200
word single spaced abstract in the first page of the paper. Please
make sure your paper prints satisfactorily on the 8.5"x11" format,
this is especially important for countries where A4 paper is standard.
Reviewing will be double blind and authors should make reasonable
efforts to conceal their identity.  Submissions not adhering to these
guidelines may be summarily rejected at the discretion of the chair.
As it has done in the past, the Program Committee may elect to accept
some papers for poster and/or short paper sessions.

Program Chair

    Erik Altman (, IBM Research, USA

C O D E S + I S S S  2008 (

CODES+ISSS is the annual International Conference on
Hardware-Software Codesign and System Synthesis. The conference
proudly continues the tradition of being a high-quality forum for
active discussion on current and innovative topics. The program will
bring together the latest in academic and industrial research and
development. High-quality original papers will be accepted for oral
presentation followed by interactive poster sessions. Selected papers
from the conference proceedings will be targeted for journal

IMPORTANT DATES: See top of this call.

C O D E S + I S S S  Areas of Interest

The Conference invites papers on all aspects of the design and
architecture of embedded computing systems, from application specific
to heterogeneous systems, from custom to FPGA implementations, from
handheld to high-performance systems.  Topics of interest include, but
are not limited to:

  1) High-level, architectural and system-level synthesis
  2) Hardware-software co-design
  3) Specification languages and models
  4) Simulation and verification
  5) Power-aware design methodology
  6) Embedded systems architecture
  7) Embedded software
  8) Application-specific design and algorithms
  9) Industrial practices, design case studies and emerging techniques
10) Multiprocessors and MPSoC

11) Networks-on-chip

Paper Submission

Papers should represent original work, not published or submitted for
publication in other forums. Formal proceedings will be published
in hardcopy, CD-ROM and web page forms (copyright by ACM and IEEE).
A blind review process will be enforced, thus AUTHORS SHOULD NOT
must be in PDF format and should not exceed 6 pages in ACM two-column
format (9pt on 8.5"x11" letter size paper).  For formatting
instructions and templates, visit
Proposals for special sessions and panels are also invited.  These
should be single page, succinctly outlining the topic, positioning, and
likely participants.

Program Co-Chairs

    Cathy Gebotys (, University of Waterloo, Canada

     Grant Martin (, Tensilica, USA

E M S O F T  2008 (

EMSOFT is the annual International Conference on Embedded Software.
The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers and
developers from academia, industry, and government to advance the
science, engineering, and technology in embedded software development.
EMSOFT was started in 2001. The previous conferences were held in Lake
Tahoe, USA (2001), Grenoble, France (2002), Philadelphia, USA (2003),
Pisa, Italy (2004), Jersey City, USA (2005), Seoul, South Korea (2006),
and Salzburg, Austria (2007).

IMPORTANT DATES: See top of this call.

E M S O F T  Areas of Interest
Embedded software must meet demanding criteria for correctness,
performance, resource consumption, and development cost. EMSOFT aims at
covering all aspects of embedded software with focus on principles of
embedded software development.  Topics of interest include, but are
not limited to:

  1) Design and implementation of embedded software
  2) Modeling and validation
  3) Model- and component-based software design and analysis
  4) Programming languages and compilers
  5) Software engineering and programming methodologies
  6) Scheduling and execution time analysis
  7) Operating systems and middleware
  8) QoS management and performance analysis
  9) Hardware-dependent software and interfaces
10) Networked embedded systems and security
11) Software for distributed/multiprocessor embedded systems
12) Application areas, e.g. automotive, avionics,
     telecommunication, and multimedia

Paper Submission

Submitted papers should present original research that is unpublished
and not submitted elsewhere. Papers should be no more than 15 pages in
LNCS format, or 10 pages 2-column in ACM format, prepared in electronic
format according to the instructions on the submission page, which shall
be open in March 2008.

Program Co-Chairs

    Luca de Alfaro (, UC Santa Cruz, USA
    Jens Palsberg (, UC Los Angeles, USA


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